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Cochetopa Creek

The headwaters of Cochetopa Creek stem from 14,014ft San Luis Peak in south-central Colorado and flow north for nearly 45 miles before meeting with Tomichi Creek just east of Gunnison. This creek is a classic high country stream flowing through miles of open meadows, rife with oxbow bends and undercut banks, as well as a canyon stretch running along Hwy 114.

Anglers can often get away with throwing only dry flies on the Cochetopa, but a dry fly with a small bead-head dropper is perhaps the most effective way to fish this creek. Although the trout here are generally on the smaller side, they are beautifully colored and you may just get surprised by a fish in the 15in. range.

Stealth is paramount on the Cochetopa. Staying out of the water, wearing dull colors, and making that 1st cast the best cast will help you get into more fish.